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Teacher's Information

Diane reading with her nephew

Diane loves to share her books with others. Here is Diane reading her book, Discover the Seasons, to her grandson Tyler.

Diane Iverson is available for school, organization and library presentations. Programs can include several of the following, depending upon your organization's needs:

  • Short reading from one of her books.
  • Slide presentations (where room can be darkened).
  • Facts and stories about book research, writing and book illustration.
  • Drawing demonstrations.
  • Visuals: original illustrations from books, edited manuscripts, color separations, etc.
  • Question and Answer times.
  • Information about getting started in the field.
  • Stories of Diane's adventures as a writer/illustrator.

Suggested lengths for presentations:

  • 30 minutes for K-1st Grade
  • 45 minutes for 2nd-5th
  • 45 minutes for adults

Presentations are suitable for a wide variety of situations:
  • Libraries, often including presentations to multiple libraries within a district.
  • Schools (customized for specific grade ranges)
  • Workshops (for schools, writer's organizations, etc.)
  • Small Organizations (Sierra Club, Audubon, writing groups, churches, etc.). Presentation can be is geared to the specific organization.

For further details, including fee structures, travel expenses, and available schedules, please send an e-mail to Diane@DianeInverson.com. Travel expenses can be divided between participating organizations in a given community that have scheduled presentations. Diane generally prefers to spend at least one week in an area. A typical week might include one day each at 4 schools, another day at a library, one weekend workshop and perhaps one evening writer's group. Transportation, accommodations and meals are generally divided between the larger events, with honorariums from smaller events deducted from expenses for the total. Please contact Diane regarding any additional scheduling questions or needs.


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