Diane Iverson

Author and Illustrator

Trees are important in children's lives. For many children, trees are play places, dreaming places, budding-scientist places, escape-from-the-world places.

Trees are also important in the life of North America. They play a significant role in our history, our tradition, our ecology, or economy, and the natural glory of our diverse and beautiful land.

Here is an opportunity to examine 26 North American trees, each beautifully illustrated, along with tree traits, wild companions, and interesting facts about each tree.

This book is both informational and inspiritional. It is for tree lovers of the 21st centry.Award winning author/illustrator Diane Iverson has a special gift for nurturing young children's innate love of nature.

Published by Dawn Publications

Ages 4-12

Cherry Tree
Cottonwood Facts
Holly Traits
Persimmon Tree Companions
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Dawn Publications

Diane Iverson

About the Author/Illustrator

Diane Iverson hugs trees every chance she gets - "Doesn't everybody?" she says - especially Pondersona Pines because they smell so good. She also swings on branches, tastes acorns and carries colored pencils and drawing paper on hikes.

As a child, Diane's favorite tree was a black walnut behind her grandparent's barn near Kerman, California. Now as a visiting illustrator and author, she offers a cross-curriculum approach to nature studies, with an emplasis on Native Americans, pioneers, and the key role of trees in the web of life.

This book is a natural branch of Diane's previous book, Discover the Seasons.

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