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Diane was once a little girl. Can you find her in her Kindergardten Class? (click here for a hint)

Here are opportunities to learn about nature while solving some fun games. You can play some of the games on-line. Others you can download and print the pages to complete the puzzles. After you complete a printed puzzle, get some crayons and add some color to your completed puzzle. Make as many copies of the puzzles as you like, and enjoy. Remember to check back later for more puzzles and games.

Diane has created crossword puzzles using words from her books. Click on the book name to play the crossword puzzle for that book. (Hint: Check back later for more crossword puzzles.)

Ponderosa Pine Word Puzzle
Click here to load the On-line Ponderosa Pine Word Puzzle
Click the puzzle below to download a printable copy of the puzzle:

Parents/Teachers: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the puzzles. You can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader at the Adobe Web Site.

Still looking for Diane in her Kindergarten picture? She's standing in front of one of her teachers (click here to return to picture).

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