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Diane Iverson

Author and Illustrator

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Involve your children in the pageant of the seasons. Rich illustrations and sensitive poetry vividly capture the unique spirit of each part of the year:

  • celebration for spring
  • learning for summer
  • work for fall
  • rest for winter

Each theme is then explored through hands-on activities that adults and children can share. Tasty recipes using freshly gathered fruits and vegetables provide the final, irresistible highlight for each season.

Award winning author/illustrator Diane Iverson has a special gift for nurturing young children's innate love of nature.

Published by Dawn Publications

Ages 3-10

All Four Seasons

Beautiful Artwork


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Things to Do

leaf tracing

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Recipes for the seasons


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A Letter to Parents and Teachers

In Discover the Seasons I hope to nurture a sense of wonder and curiosity in children, encouraging them to ask questions, explore, study and grow in harmony with creation.

Nature gives adults and children valuable opportunities to work, play and learn together-building relationships at the same time. Discovery and accomplishment are exciting things to share. Therefore, among the activities presented for each season, I have deliberately included ones that need adult involvement. The degree of difficulty of projects varies; there is something challenging for all elementary school children. Give more or less assistance as your child's age and skill level indicate.

The Resource section provides many book titles and addresses that will be of help to adults assisting with projects or teaching classes on related topics. As much as possible, draw children into the research, teaching them the limitless resources available in books, libraries, their communities, and through the mail.

I hope that Discover the Seasons helps foster love of nature and reverence for beauty, and that you, dear reader, will play a part in healing creation. Happy reading!

-Diane Iverson

About the Author

Diane Iverson is a grandma who has never outgrown splashing in puddles and climbing trees. Born in California, she now lives with her husband, Doug, in Prescott, Arizona, but you are more likely to find her exploring some wilderness trail. The rest of her time is devoted to sharing her curiosity and enthusiasm with children wherever she visits schools. Children hold a warm place in her heart, and she is probably most happy with a picture book in her hand and a grandchild on her lap.

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